How Do You Clean Up the Registry? Methods of Registry Clean Up

You can ask a dozen different experts “Should I clean up the registry?” and you well get two completely different answers. You will find that half of the experts will tell you that registry clean up should be done on a regular basis. They will argue that the junk files on your computer should be cleaned up regularly to prevent valuable data from being corrupted or lost. The other half will argue that it isn’t necessary clean up the registry because it has important information that your programs need to run properly. Here is the dilemma; who should you listen to?

Before you take up with one side or the other, you need to have a good grasp of why registry clean up is done. The registry of your computer is basically the storage area for all of your important computer files. But, it also gathers and stores a lot of junk or useless files that are left when you delete a program. The un-install function doesn’t remove every file the program used and they are left behind to junk up your storage area. Your registry also makes a record of every activity that has been done on your computer. So, every time you use your computer, you add to the junk being stored. All of this data builds up over time and can significantly slow down your computer. That is why one group of experts will insist vehemently that a clean computer registry is your best bet to prevent problems and they recommend that it be cleaned every six months.

So the next logical question is how do you clean up the registry? Most experts strongly recommend purchasing the best registry repair software that you can find. A good registry cleaning software will go through every file in the registry, remove unwanted files and allow your computer to run properly. The registry can be cleaned manually, however it is not recommended because whoever does the cleanup must have advanced technical knowledge. It is very easy to delete the wrong file and create even more problems than you had to begin with.

The other group of experts will argue that you do not need to clean up the registry. Their argument is that it is very risky to delete files from this area of the computer and mistakenly deleting a necessary file will cause too many problems. They do not feel that there is a huge benefit to the clean up process and that the risk of damaging the registry is too great. According to them, the registry-cleaning tools that are available on the market today are not adequate to fix any problems that you might have.

Only you can decide what is best for you and your particular situation. You can choose to do nothing to improve the performance of your computer and just live with any problems. You may decide that the problems are too great or your computer is just running too slow and something has to be done. If you decide to do something to repair the registry, you may want to know how to actually clean up the registry.

If you are like most people, you don’t know a thing about registry cleaning software and you don’t really want to. We have tried to make it easier for you to pick one.

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